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Hey lovers.

It’s Annabel and Meshach.

We are Intimacy Alchemists and have been together for 20 years.

We have a vision to make ‘1% Love’ a global phenomenon.

“What is ‘1% Love’?” we hear you asking.

‘1% Love’ is the type of love shared between lovers which makes ​people think...

“How in the world do they seem so in love?”

“How are they so connected and in tune?”

“What do I need to do to have a love like that?”

It’s the type of love which survives, thrives and flourishes no matter ​the storms, tests or trials.

...continued below.



1% Love’ is the byproduct of a mutual ​commitment to ‘having it all’ in your ​relationship - a Sacred Union which generates ​endless supplies of intimacy, connection, fun, ​adventure and fulfilment together.

This is the love that we’ve learnt, through ​much turbulence and many tears, to cultivate ​and create with each other time and time ​again.

Using our proprietary method, The 1% Lovers ​Transformation Method™, we empower ​couples to transform their relationships into ​Sacred Unions of ‘1% Love’ within 30 days — ​our method saves these couples years of ​heartache, pain, tears and guesswork.

We make relationships easier, more effortless ​and more expansive.

The 1% LoveRS




This proprietary method has been created and ​curated through and from the many discoveries we ​have made in our two-decade relationship — the ​peaks and troughs, ups and downs, tests and trials, ​tears and pain.

We became the guinea-pigs so you don’t have to.

We went through the vicious-cycles so you don’t ​have to.

This method is the very medium and mechanism ​through which you will transform your relationship ​into a Sacred Union of ‘1% Love’... within 30 days.

This method is based upon what we call the Sacred ​Union Secrets of ‘1% Love’.

The 1% Lovers ​Podcast™

Listen He​re

Many of us have heard of the 1% of the ​world’s population who are guardians of ​99% of all the world’s wealth.

But what about the 1% of love? What ​about the ‘1% Lovers’?

Those who have figured out how to ​consistently refresh, revitalise and renew ​their relationship.

How do we generate more connection ​with our lover? More intimacy? More ​love?

How do we evolve with them so that ​neither one of us gets left behind? So that ​we can experience life together in a more ​expansive, dynamic and fulfilling way.

We delve deep and talk about all of that, ​and more, here in ‘The 1% Lovers ​Podcast’.

Chronicles From a

couple of 1% lovers ​(Blog)

Welcome to Chronicles From A Couple Of ​1% Lovers, lovers.

This is a blog containing practical ​insights, real-life stories, advice and ​suggestions based on our observations ​and experiences together over the past 20 ​years — all with the aim of empowering ​you to transform your relationship into a ​Sacred Union of '1% Love.'

Join us on this journey of growth, ​intimacy, and lasting fulfillment.

Click below to begin the journey and dive ​into the world of ‘1% Love’.

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